Jason Statham Workout – Diet And The Training for Death Race

Another celebrity workout review today, and this time about another Hollywood action hero – Jason Statham. And we must admit – he is a badass action hero, and when we discovered that he is doing most of his action scenes without a stuntman double, we gained tremendous respect for him.

And Jason Statham workout is really different, especially if you try to compare it with other celebrity workouts. It’s a supreme fat burning routine!

Jason created a routine that allowed him to shed off 17 pounds of fat just in 6 weeks! While there is no info that Jason was in the military, we certainly know that he trained with a former Navy seal, Logan Hood, who created this grueling routine for Jason. It was “upgraded” later and Jason Statham workout was born. And you know it’s hellish when the actor himself describes the workout as workout as brutal and horrible.

Jason exercises 6 times a week, each session – 35-40 minutes long. Sunday is used for resting.

Very important factors of Jason Statham workout are 2 principles – each and every workout should be slightly different, and you need to write down every detail of your workout, afterwards (such things like recovery time, weights used, time active and etc).

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His workout is divided in 3 parts. They are becoming progressively harder with each next part.

jason workout will be hard

  • First part of Jason Statham workout is a 10-minute warm up.

He uses concept 2 rowing machine for this part, because it is easy on the joints and it allows him to prepare all muscle groups for upcoming intensity.

  • Second part lasts 10 minutes and consists of moderate intensity exercises. These usually are kettlebell circuits, weight training circuits, farmer’s walk, work with medicine ball and heavy compound lifts such as deadlifts. As you see, even in this part most of the exercises will be in circuits, and resting time between exercises will be quite small.
  • And last part of Jason Statham workout is brutal interval training, and it’s not for the weak hearted. It’s always varies a bit as we stated earlier, but usually it will look something like this: It all starts with 8 pull-ups, then Jason continues with 20 medicine ball slams, then 20 weighted step-ups, then 20 hanging leg raises, 20 squats (with barbell) and finally 20 burpees. And the best part – there is no rest whatsoever between those exercises! It’s like a giant superset, and you can rest a bit only after completion of each exercise in this circuit. Repeat up to 5 times… if you can.

Here is the Jason Training Interview About the Death Race

And some word about his diet.

jason workout and dietJason states that his successful weight loss was due to his very strict diet, which eventually dropped to 2000 calories a day! Also he avoided sugars, flour, bread and other products made from flour (like pasta) and of course, booze. He never even thought about eating processed products or junk food once he got serious about fat loss. In addition, Jason wrote down everything he has put in his mouth. And that alone helped tremendously – you can’t really screw up your fat loss, when you have all the info about your diet, recorded every day. And, of course, he drank a lot of water (14-16 glasses of water daily) and ate 6 small meals daily. These meals were all healthy and low in fat.

Analyzing Jason Statham workout and diet we realized that it is the real deal. Very intense short training sessions coupled with strict, protein-rich diet will bring you the results you want – serious muscle growth and rapid fat loss all-in-one! But because growing muscles and burning fat at the same time is not easy you must be 100% committed to this plan. It’s only for advanced users, but if you think you are ready for terrifying workouts and mind-blowing results, we have something special for you!

It’s SMM, program created by Kyle leon, and it’s incredibly well suited for those who want to train and look like Jason! It’s high-intensity circuit training with almost not rest. And it will definitely blow your mind with the difficulty and the results you will be getting.

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